Orchids in Weddings

Orchids are among the most popular choices for weddings, given their rare beauty and elegance. Orchids in weddings are versatile and diverse, and regardless of color palette you can find the right orchid for your style.
wedding orchids

Orchids make a sophisticated choice for the most discerning of brides. The phalaenopsis orchid, also known the “moth orchid”  because it’s petals look like wings, offers broad flowers in bright colors, perfect to be a focal point for your bridal bouquet, as well as to dress up a lapel.


Whether the centerpiece is made up entirely of orchids, or if the flowers simply add a dramatic and eye-catching element, orchids in weddings are always a wonderful choice.  In many circles, it is a popular tradition to have a small game or contest to give away the centerpiece at each table – and a gorgeous orchid floral arrangement is sure to be displayed proudly by the recipient at home!

When it is time to choose your wedding flowers, call Bloom Country Florist to make an appointment, speak with our wedding experts and floral designers to decide if orchids are the right flowers for your wedding bouquets and decor.

Celebrate August Birthdays


There are an untold number of gifts that will say “Happy birthday”, but none quite so stunning as a birthday bouquet. When you are choosing flowers to celebrate your loved one, there are many gorgeous choices – so how do you make a decision? This month, the expert floral designers at Bloom Country Florist have two suggestions that will give you August birthday inspiration – and help you to honor them in a unique and personal way.


The birth flower of the month is the gladiolus. This striking plant presents multiple colorful blooms on a long, slender stalk. Also called the sword lily, the gladioli flower was given to the victorious gladiators of ancient Rome, which explains the origin of their name. They represent strength of character and loyalty, and so make a wonderful birthday choice for a best friend or family member. The gladiolus bloom comes in a variety of bright and festive colors – just call us and ask what is available!




Back to School Time!


It’s been a great summer, but it is drawing to a close. With the season ending and the kids heading back to school, there is a lot on your to-do list – from school supplies to new shoes. Here at  Bloom Country Florist, we’d like to suggest one final item to add to your checklist, but you can take care of it right from the comfort of your home. Back-to-school teacher flowers & gifts are a thoughtful way to wish your children’s educators a great upcoming year – and lets them know that you appreciate them right from the start.


A miniature living garden is an interesting and educational addition to any classroom environment.  These long-lasting indoor gardens are sure to give a boost of encouragement as the year goes on. And don’t forget, you can order any of these gifts with a few simple clicks, and we’ll take care of delivering them to your favorite teacher!



New Baby Flowers & Gifts


Some pace the waiting room floor, others wait by the phone. Still, others look for the Facebook updates – whether your method is time-honored or contemporary, waiting to hear that the new baby has arrived is an exciting experience! Whether you will be visiting in the hospital or waiting for Mom and Dad to bring the new bundle of joy home, you’ll want to come with a new baby gift that they will love. The experts at Bloom Country Florist have assembled a collection of items sure to include the perfect baby gift, boy or girl!



Just Ducky Bouquet – Boy or Girl Design Available!


The iconic yellow duck has been a symbol of childhood for decades, and makes the perfect container for any new arrival! This whimsical ducky will bring smiles from hospital room to nursery. With its blue or pink sailor’s hat and overflowing with gorgeous flowers, this little guy will immediately brighten the room, and remain for years as a reminder of baby’s special day.

We invite you to browse our selection of unique baby gifts, layettes, toys and more. When it comes to the gift of a new life, Bloom Country Florist is your source for all things celebratory!

July Birthday Bouquets are Sizzling!


When it comes to celebrating birthdays through flowers, there are so many ways to express ourselves.  In July, tradition gives us two distinct and very different ways to honor our loved ones through floral arrangements – one the official birth flower of the month, the other the birth stone. These two beautiful options span the spectrum of color – delphinium, the delicate blue or purple bloom that represents the month is cool and serene, while the representative ruby gemstone is known to bring the red hot fire. Whatever your July birthday bouquet represents, it will be beautifully created by the skilled design experts at Bloom Country.



Rays of Sunshine Bouquet – Featuring July’s Flower – Delphinium



Birthday Wishes Bouquet – Featuring Ruby Red Roses and Carnations for July

The other representation of the month takes us from cool blues to scorching reds – the July birthstone is the most valuable of all gems, the deep red ruby.


Blue delphinium or red blooms, the floral professionals at Bloom Country Florist have the skill and the artistic eye to create a gorgeous bouquet to celebrate their special July day.

Summer has officially arrived!


We enjoy the sunshine during long days, plan fun-filled barbecues and picnics with friends, and anticipating relaxing vacations. The flowers of summer that are representative of the summertime are colorful, vibrant and have the same cheerful vibe as we feel. Some of the more popular flowers of the summer season are those which flourish through the heat and whose colors don’t fade – the zinnia, the petunia, the gladiolus, the marigold, periwinkles, and petunias are all wonderful examples of summer blooms.


However, the sunflower may well be the best ambassador for summer, given its color and affinity for the sunshine. A bouquet of sunflowers will add joy to a room the instant it is placed on the table; and if you add the vivid yellow, blues and reds that nature offers this time of year, you’ll have an arrangement that is alive with summer ambiance.

Order your bright and bold bouquet to have a bit of summer in your life today!

Be Original On Father’s Day!


Many people never get beyond a tie or coffee mug when it comes to choosing a gift for Dad. That’s where Bloom Country Florist comes in – we have truly unique gifts that will stand out and let your father know that you took the time to find something personal and special to give him. For instance, how about an assortment of delicious snacks, arranged in a specialty container that speaks to his passion? Whether an adventure loving jeep or a boat ready to set sail, these containers are year-round keepsakes that deliver hours of snacking enjoyment.

Browse our site for more great ideas for Dad, or stop into our flower shop for inspiration. Whatever you do, don’t let June 19 go by without honoring your father with one of these creative gifts from Bloom Country Florist!